Nothing short of magic – Bruce’s Story

“I had nothing to lose, learning magic came naturally to me and I started practicing close-up magic when I was sectioned with bipolar disorder.”

Bruce is 35 years old and has been developing his skills as a magician for the past six years professionally, after teaching himself the arts of trickery, illusion and hypnosis whilst being sectioned when struggling with his bipolar disorder.

“I became fascinated and obsessed with magic while learning cards initially, but I soon found the art of magic more exciting than I could have ever imagined!”

“I never really thought I would take my magic to a professional level or for it to earn me any money. At the time I came to Positive People, I was homeless, living in a hostel and moving around quite a lot. I had nothing, but nothing to lose by trying to push forward with it at the same time.” explains Bruce.

Originally from Bolton, Bruce studied in London and has spent some time moving around Somerset with no fixed home address, but he is now settled and looking to a brighter future with his partner and new baby.

“My development with magic started with an apprenticeship with the South West Magic Circle. During my apprenticeship I was able to perform at movie premieres, the O2 Arena, Old Trafford and Manchester Arena, which was an amazing experience, and platforms like this are where I’d really like to take my magic once more in the near future.” says Bruce.

“Magic now needs to make money for my family. It needs to progress from a hobby to a lucrative business and Positive People were a massive support, providing me with the confidence and skills I needed to start making a go of things.”

“I was unemployed and claiming Universal Credit when I moved away from Taunton to Chard to have family support, as I was going through tough times. I was then referred to Positive People who recommended I go along to the PopUp Business School that was being held in Somerset, to help me progress with my magic as an entertaining business.” says Bruce.

“The PopUp Business School was a mind-blowing experience, I really took a lot from it! The digital and IT support I received as part of the course was particularly beneficial for me as I am not tech-minded at all!”

With Positive People’s specialised digital support provided at the PopUp Business School and from Cosmic, Bruce now has social media accounts and a website up and running that did not cost a penny. Bruce also received 1:1 business mentoring to provide him with the skills and knowledge to manage his own books and accounts, deal with HMRC and understand business tax systems.

“Without Positive People I wouldn’t be where I am today! I had no skills other than my magic. My digital skills have improved massively, which will help me promote and grow my business into the future.” says Bruce.

Bruce’s genre of magic is close-up magic, which focuses on hypnosis, pick-pocketing, cards and coins. “I’m currently working on the development of a stage show and will offer my entertainment services at weddings and parties – but the ultimate goal is to take things much bigger. I would love to start doing variety shows, TV awards and arenas!”

“My aim is to please everyone at every event I attend and my mission is to become a better magician tomorrow than I am today!” says Bruce.

Bruce has amazed Positive People with his magic skills and has even come along to perform at staff induction days, and at the Pop-Up Business School! Can we say we learned a trick or two?

You can find out more about Bruce’s magic and his entertainment offering at