Last week we attended the Ageing Well Project celebration lunch at Central Church in Torquay.

Positive People has worked in collaboration with local organisation, Ageing Well, to offer digital skills training to people over 55.

The course held a series of workshops for participants to gain skills in chosen areas. The workshops included digital photography, animation, staying safe on-line, assisted living and the connected home.

It was a great turn out! The hall was full of people ready to celebrate their hard work and share their experiences.

After a heart-warming certificate ceremony – where each participant that completed the project was awarded a certificate and a hand shake (or even a hug) from their trainers – we were honoured with a performance from David Whitmore. David was once a Positive People participant, he told us his inspiring story about how becoming visually impaired didn’t get in the way of his dream to sing and play the guitar for an audience.

“The biggest thing for me, is that nobody made you feel like an idiot for not knowing something”, one of the participants explained to us while we all got stuck in to the delicious lunch that had been laid out. This seemed to be something that was important to a lot of the people we spoke to.

The internet is a vast and ever-evolving world which can be daunting to someone who doesn’t use it. But since completing the course, one of the participants proudly told us “I’ve got the confidence now to use the internet. I now challenge myself, if there’s something I want to know I can just ‘Google’ it!”

Not only was the course a chance for people over 55 to learn new skills, it also meant they could meet new people.

“Everyone is so friendly, you could turn up on your own and sit next to anyone to talk to. The trainers were so patient, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!”