Our stories – Be your own boss!

It can be so hard to find employment that suits you, not just in terms of skills and aspiration, but also the hours that you can work, location and so on.

So, imagine getting paid to do what you love…Our ‘Be your own boss’ self-employment course helps you to do just that.

So how does it work?

Our course offers six different workshops over the space of three days; branding, business planning, finance and funding, marketing and digital marketing, and finally, ‘what next?’. The sessions are fully interactive, encouraging you to explore all your thoughts!

Here are some of our participants stories.


“My name is Pete. I’m a photographer, artist and designer, among other things I went on the ‘Be your own boss’ self-employment course which gave me an idea of which direction I wanted to go in.

“I went on the marketing part of it and then the website building part of it. There are about four or five different aspects that you can choose.

“If I was to meet someone who was considering doing a similar thing along the same lines and needed some help setting up, Positive People are amazing to work with and very helpful.”


“I am Rebecca and my business is
in writing.

“I’ve attended the three day self-employment workshop and I found that really useful and there were definitely lots of “Oh, yeah, I really
get that now” moments, particularly in the business side of things.

“Some really good advice for going into self-employment, is to try and find a business partner. As a sole trader, it is difficult to stay motivated because you’re on your own. If you have a business partner, you’ve got someone to bounce off ideas and help each other keep motivated.”


“I am Stuart and I specialise in IT Support.

“There was a three day workshop about how to start up your own business including things like creating your own website. There
were various other workshops that I went on provided by Positive People which I found very beneficial.

“The best thing about the workshop for me is it’s given me confidence which is so important because before then it was too scary.”

Davedavid law photo

“My name’s David and I’ve just started up my own company, Firefly Drones.

“What I really lacked to start with was connecting with people. I was kind of isolated and kept myself to myself but it brought me out of my shell and it was just brilliant!

“Having someone that’s supporting you in something you want to do – start up a business and have it funded – it’s absolutely fantastic!

“If I met someone that was going self-employed, my biggest advice would be planning and find yourself a mentor, someone who has set up a business themselves and they know what the mistakes are, and they can guide you.”

A safe place to build ideas…

Project Manager, Vicky Moss-Crump, describes it as “A safe place to build that confidence, surrounded by like-minded people”.

“You’re not left in the deep-end after the three days either. There is also the option of further help with your brand, website, digital marketing or business support. Whatever you may need to get your business off the ground.”

If you would like to find out how you can ‘Be your own boss’, please contact Positive People on [email protected]