Celebrating with Hopeful Families

Hopeful Families held an awards event at The Shay Stadium in Halifax to celebrate the achievements of our participants and highlight the excellent services offered by our specialist partners.

The day started with an opening from the Mayor of Calderdale who expressed thanks for provisions like Hopeful Families that offers support to those who need it most. The event was also attended by service providers, local authorities, delivery partners and participants – around 100 people in all, and after talking about the excellent performance the teams have achieved so far, we went on to watch some fantastic videos.

The first was about a group of men who have worked with our partner, Primal, a health and fitness company. They went on to talk about how this course helped their social anxieties, got them out of the house and transformed their health and mental wellbeing. Primal gave a heartfelt speech about the individuals in the group and how proud they were of how far they had come, and what a genuine pleasure it had been to work with these people as part of Hopeful Families.

Our partners, Noah’s Ark and Healthy Minds, talked about how important their work is to our participants and their families. Debt counselling and money management is a key issue in the area and without the practical support from Noah’s Ark, a number of our customers would not have been able to get through their money worries. Counselling has also been a key area of need, and Healthy Minds in particular has focused on young people and the impact within the wider family. Some of our families can now see a way forward with managing the mental health of the family, not just the adults, helping them move forward with their plans.

The remainder of our day focused on celebrating the success of our participants. Choosing nominations, let alone winners, was no easy task as all of our participants have come such a long way in their individual journeys!

Our winner for ‘Biggest Transformation’ went to Shariff, a man who has faced many hardships, including abuse, and was told he would never work again. Throughout his time with Dominion Training, he felt supported, listened to and was able to see that he could achieve his goals, despite what he had been led to believe. He went on to complete SIA training and get himself work in the security industry which is fantastic. His story is one of remarkable change and he is well deserving of the award.

The ‘Most Dedicated’ winner, H, demonstrated how he stuck with his plans, despite often feeling demotivated, and with the help of his Family Mentor went on to change his complicated personal circumstances, start volunteering and then ultimately get a job with Yorkshire Children’s Centre – the partner who has supported his journey. He is now living independently, is looking for longer term work that he really enjoys and feels he can do anything.

We also took the time to applaud the work done by our front line and back office staff who put in so much effort to make this project a success. The customer facing staff do an excellent job of providing support and encouragement to our participants, and our administration teams do a lot of the hard work to keep focused and enable the work to continue.

A big thank you to everyone involved and to start preparing and planning for the next event in 2020!