G’s Story

G came onto project through our Community Enabler and was supported to undertake the self-improvement course we offer. At our first meeting. It was evident that G was suffering greatly with the bereavement of her son.

G was very open with me about the circumstances in her life and explained that he had been killed in London a few years ago and this had sent her back to her drug abuse as she didn’t know of any other way to cope. She had moved to the West Country to be supported in her recovery away from the people and memories she had in London.

G explained that she didn’t have any qualifications due to her early life on drugs and alcohol but was very keen to learn and wanted to improve herself. She couldn’t believe it when we discussed the support Positive People could offer.

During the meeting we discussed how counselling would be the first part of the support allowing her to talk about her bereavement in a safe environment. G was keen to use one of the counsellors she had met in the self-improvement courses.

Next, we talked about using a local tutor, to support with her English and writing skills. G was very excited about being able to start learning.

Finally, we discussed her access to the digital world and developing her digital skill level. We decided an initial meeting with a digital trainer and a device assessment would support G in becoming more digitally included and then hopefully being able to develop this with her writing skills and using it as a blog to write about her feelings.

I am looking forward to supporting G on this journey and will report back with the progress she makes as we move forward.