“It’s given me motivation to look forward” – Richard’s Story

Richard, 57, from Yeovil, engaged with Positive People and Inspired 2 Achieve, as he wanted to return to the workplace after struggling with his health and wellbeing.

“I wanted to return to work after working on the railway, and have 31 years of experience doing this, but didn’t know where to start. All my qualifications were out of date and I had no money to fund the training.

“I was also struggling with emotional and mental health issues, and then had a criminal record, which again I did not know how to present. I felt, after discussing my situation with my Change Coach, that maybe once I had updated my OTS Sentinel Card I may be successful in getting back to work.

“My computer skills were also very limited and I had no confidence when working on the computer. I did not have a CV that was up to date and had not used emails or social media at all.

“The challenges were my training not being up to date, my licence and my computer skills were low. I also had no CV and a criminal record.

“Positive people supported me; they helped to build my confidence and self‐esteem. I have also been able to renew my Sentinel licence and become more self‐confident when speaking to people.

“I met regularly with my Change Coach to review my situation. I applied for a driving licence for ID, had IT support from Cosmic, completed CSCS training and registered with an employment agency specialising in rail track vacancies.

“Positive People have given me my life back and given me inspiration to move on. I was surprised that they helped with my licence and gave me the motivation to look forward.

“I dwelled on the past a lot and they helped me see the future. They really boosted me up.

“I have successfully updated my Sentinel licence and I am actively job seeking employment within the railways.

“It’s been a great experience”.