“Kept me positive for the future” – Hannah’s story

Hannah is 27 and from Minehead. She engaged with Positive People to improve her mental and physical health with the help of Jo, and to tidy up her CV with the help of Matt.

“I have had eight years of intermittent health problems and last year I had a severe health dip when I finally got a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

“Since then I have struggled to find suitable work and struggled to find employers willing to work with my health concerns.

“I’ve also found my health unreliable, as well as having a dip in my mental health.

“Positive People provided me with access to Jo who had helped improve my mental health and give me better coping mechanisms. They also provided me with the skills to go self-employed once I can drive.

“It has kept me positive for the future by showing me that there are other options that I can pursue. It’s made me feel like there is hope again; like I have a future.

“My future goals are now to learn to drive, find a job and then once I feel I am more financially steady I would like to go self-employed as a nail technician.

“Everyone I’ve met or worked with throughout Positive People have been amazingly supportive and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who needed help”.

Check out this short video featuring Hannah.