Thirty-five year old Suleman lives in the Dewsbury area of West Yorkshire, after moving to the UK from India in 2011. They have two young children and his wife works part-time as a nurse.

Around the time of the first lock-down due to Covid-19 in 2020, Suleman was made redundant. He was working as an IT support worker. Struggling to pay their mortgage, like many families, Suleman and his wife were worried about the future and being unemployed had an adverse impact on his confidence. 

A scary and shaky situation

“For me, 2020 was hardest year of my life. I’ve never experienced this sort of situation throughout my entire life and career. No jobs, lock-down; loss of self confidence. It was a pretty scary and shaky situation.

“I looked for help online and found your organisation. The very next day after registering on the web site I received a phone call. It was such a relief speaking to Angela on that very first day. Slowly, from that point onwards, I started getting my confidence back.”

Updating qualifications

Suleman had obtained relevant qualifications in his home country,  however some of them were not recognised here in the UK and therefore it limited his employment options. He was keen to improve his professional knowledge to open up more work opportunities. He also wanted to improve his CV.

With support from Hopeful Families, a plan was put in place. Suleman attended six employability workshop sessions, gaining help and advice with his CV, job searching and interview practice. A five-day IT training course in Crewe was booked. This would improve his knowledge on up-to-date IT guidelines and systems, which large companies require. The course was free, however Hopeful Families was able to cover accommodation costs. Suleman passed the course with flying colours. He also completed a level two customer service course.

“I have successfully completed training and now I am working with a huge IT company. This would not have been possible for me without not only financial but your moral extraordinary support.”

Moving forward

Suleman struggled to find employment during the second lockdown, so took a temporary role as a delivery driver. During this time he applied for a role with a local housing association. He was successful and started his new role in January.

“Thanks to financial support from Hopeful Families, covering accommodation costs, I was able to complete an IT course that enabled me to gain the qualifications I needed to apply for the job I am now in. Without that, I wouldn’t have been able to attend the course, nor would I have been eligible to apply for the job.

“The employability workshops were excellent, helping me improve my CV and to develop my interview skills, which I was able to use in my job interview, where I was successful.”

Making a difference

With Hopeful Families, everyone’s circumstances are different. The specially trained team have a range of resources available to them and the aim is to understand the key barriers to finding employment and tackle them one-by-one.

“The family mentor was very good at keeping in touch, giving me encouragement and passing on details of courses and relevant advice from the outset. I will be forever grateful for everything Anglea and the Hopeful Families team have done, to help me gain the position I have now. I now have security for my family and I am very happy.”