Leaps of Faith with Positive People

Not everyone’s idea of confidence building would be facing your fears first thing on a Thursday morning – straight after breakfast may we add!

But a group of fearless Positive People participants think differently, with encouragement from the Positive People team!

On Thursday 25th October, Positive People held a confidence building engagement event at Adrenalin Quarry, which plays host to the longest and highest zip line over a disused quarry in South East Cornwall. “What better way to start your day than to start it with an accomplishment!” says Steve from Positive People.

The zip line is a whopping 490m in length, 50m high and reaches speeds of 40mph – who dares, jumps!

The idea behind the day was to focus on team building, overcoming fears, confidence building and pushing outside the comfort zone. For Adam, this was just the ticket.

“I want to break away from being isolated and reconnect with the world!”

Adam is 24 years old and experiences anxiety on a daily basis. Adam has Asperger’s, which can contribute to his feelings of anxiety and hesitance to try new things – even socialising and getting out and about has been something he has only managed to do with the support of the Positive People team and his peer group in St Austell.

Before joining the project, Adam spent much of his time isolated, enjoying spending his time gaming and creating or watching YouTube videos. “I’ve been a bit of a loner, I love things like graphic design, website building and anything tech. I’d love to be a YouTuber one day!” says Adam. “Coming along today has been great and I’ve had loads of fun, but I’ve had to challenge myself – there’s been a couple of firsts for me today!”

For Adam, his anxiety and heightened senses, due to his Asperger’s, mean that until today he had never travelled on a train. With support of his peers from the St Austell Positive People group he attends regularly, Adam accomplished his first trip on the train to come to today’s event! “I’m always 50/50 as to whether I want to go out and leave the house. I want to, and I don’t, it’s a bit of a battle!” explains Adam.

Adam now enjoys socialising and getting out and about. He aced both the zip line and hit a few bullseyes on the axe throwing, (yes, axe throwing!) and even gave Positive People’s Steve a run for his money! “Today has been a really positive experience for me. I was reluctant to go down the zip as I have a fear of heights, but I’m really proud of myself for doing it as I was really tense!”

Adam says that he is now learning to think outside of the box and challenge himself to overcome his fears. “I hope to continue being part of my group as they are really supportive, even when I’ve been going through some tough times with relationship and family issues – they’ve really helped me. I’m building my confidence every day and eventually I want to get into employment and see what’s out there for me once I’ve completed my Maths and English qualifications!”

All of the group that attended the day faced their fears and sought out the adrenalin rush that overcoming their fears provided. “It’s fantastic to see the group challenge themselves and support each other to try new things, it’s what it’s all about! Each time they have gone down the zip, you see just what a difference it makes to their demeanour and their vibe!” says Steve.

Joining a Positive People group and attending events like today are completely free for people to do, and for Adam it has been about strengthening his friendships made within the group. “I feel much better than I did this morning; it’s been fantastic to come out and share this experience with the group. We are all going bowling for my birthday soon – that’s something to look forward to next!”

Many skills have been learnt today and personal challenges completed – a novel one, was synchronised axe throwing, but the group took it in their stride!