Rosemary, joined the Active Plus Positive People project in October 2018.

When she joined, she was living in a remote Cornish village with little public transport and health issues which made her isolated. She had very low self-esteem, was very quiet and nervous. She was encouraged by her Change Coach to join the Veteran sessions which aim to build confidence and promote self-esteem through communication and team building activities.

Rosemary thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of this group and made friends who she is still in touch with. She grew in confidence and wanted to better herself. Due to this, she volunteered to help paint a mural on the wall at the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth where she had attended those very sessions. She is very proud of her efforts and didn’t realise she could be so very creative! 

Rosemary was referred to Cornwall Marine Network who discussed employment options and helped her to create a CV and search for local work opportunities. Rosemary needed some work experience as she had not worked for many years so CMN found her a position working as a customer service member for Tanya’s Courage Trust, where she has learnt new retail skills and has thrived.

Rosemary says if she hadn’t started with Active Plus and had the support of the Veterans and her Change Coach, she wouldn’t have had the confidence or skills to do what she is doing now. She is much happier, healthier and always has a smile on her face.