Qudsia is a hard working, treasured volunteer at Café CHAOS, and she told us her story about how she got there.

“I am a Muslim, and my faith is very important to me, it tells me to ‘believe and do good’.  To me it is very important to show that Muslims are normal people and nothing to be afraid of.

“I first came to Cornwall in 1986 with my husband, and Muna and her husband, to open a residential care home for the elderly in Newquay. Muna stayed and continued to run it for 30 years, but my husband and I went to the middle east to teach.

“I came back in 2001 and continued to teach until I retired in 2001. I lost my husband suddenly, so eventually I came back to Cornwall about four years ago to take care of my mother-in-law. She was lonely, and I was there to give her security. She didn’t need me all day every day, so I was looking for things to keep me occupied when I wasn’t with her.

“This was when I found Cornwall faith forum. It’s called “Dor Kemmyn” which means common ground in Cornish. It’s a group of people with all faiths who work together for peace. Believing in ‘sharing for peace, learning for peace, building for peace’.

“One thing we do is go to schools and introduce the fact that all faiths can work together. Helping people understand that there are many similarities, the differences are not the problem.

“And then one day I met Babs and came to know what Café CHAOS was. In February my mother-in-law passed away peacefully, so I now have more time. I volunteer at Café CHAOS every Thursday”.