“It’s given me the confidence to do things!” – Nicola’s story

Nicola from Penryn was in a difficult place with her mental health, feeling isolated and not sure where to turn. With strength and determination she now wants to tell her story…

“I was at university doing a master’s degree but that began to go downhill and I eventually dropped out. I did go back though and managed to pass.

“I then had a gap, but with no support my mental health took a further decline. I paid privately for mental health coaching, who then referred me over to Positive People.

“I joined The Farm Group with CHAOS which gave me something to look forward to and created more of a structure in my week.

“Before that I had felt isolated and would often go weeks without leaving the house. I was battling with no confidence or self-esteem.

“Working in a group helped too, I had a whole year without working in a group or being around that many people. It helped my confidence, being around new people and interacting. They all had the same interest in animals as me too!

“I was assigned a change coach and did 16 sessions of equine therapy which I found really helpful.

“My change coach was able to push me along and build some structure. They supported me to attend appointments with the local mental health team and I also completed the ASDAN short qualification.

“During this time, I spent time out in Uganda working closely with wild animals; a dream for me as my whole life is animals, that’s my thing!

“I wouldn’t have been able to do that before coming to Positive People; the constant support I received and helping me believe I could do it. They’ve really helped me and I’ve even gone back into volunteering now.

“My future goals are to work with animals (of course). I want to be a zoo keeper or to work with wild animals. I’ve also been to South Africa and I’d like to do that again.

“The whole experience with Positive People has been great. I would’ve got so much worse instead of better. It gave me that kick to do things and the build-up of confidence has made a huge difference”.