“I finally know my worth” – Kate’s story

Kate knew where she wanted to be in life but just needed the confidence boost and support to get there. She now wants to tell her story in the hope it will show others that anything is possible.

“Last year I felt things needed to change, so I finally contacted Pentreath.

“At first I would hide it from people, because ‘mental health isn’t something you tell people’. Now I am proud of my journey and how far I’ve come.

“Pentreath helped me find a course for counselling skills. I am two weeks away from completing the course and I’ve just signed up for another three years to become a counsellor.

“I think both the project and the course have really helped my confidence and I finally know my worth.

“I did workshops for assertiveness which has really helped me. Nikki has also helped me, by having someone to talk to and for getting me into things I would normally avoid.

“Kirstie got me into the swimming pool. I have no anxiety around swimming but I do about judgement. But I then felt comfortable knowing everyone has body hang-ups and we’re all there to get fit. I didn’t judge them, so why would they judge me?

“Towards the end of our sessions she asked if there was anything else I wanted to work on and I said bike riding. I had an accident on a bike at age nine and I have not been back on one since.

“So at age 33 I have finally got back on one and now I love it! I am soon hiring bikes for me and my son, something we have never been able to do.

“I have already recommended Pentreath to people around me that would benefit.

“I want to thank the project for helping me so much. Nikki and Kirstie, thank you so much too.

“I hope to work with you again soon, only next time I hope to be a mentor too!”