There are 24 hours in a day. Just to give that a bit of perspective – that’s 86,400 seconds, during which your heart beats around 100,000 times and a single blood cell will make more than 4,300 circuits of the body.

While all this was happening, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service and The CHAOS Group teamed up for 24-hour radio show.

They stayed on air entertaining listeners and viewers for 24 hours straight, raising money for The Fire Fighters Charity!

The firefighters have first-hand experience and can help people realise how important it is for them to know what to do in the event of a fire, how to prevent a fire in the home, have working smoke alarms as well as night time routines and escape routes.

Additionally, The CHAOS Group team visited a number of locations across the county, undertaking a number of challenges and activities.

From dressing up as Ninja turtles to blindfolded tasting, it all went down!


Kathryn Billing, Temporary Assistant Chief Fire Officer said:

“Within Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service we pride ourselves on innovation and allowing our fantastic people to use their unique skills and passion to drive innovative ideas to engage with our communities.

I thought the Cornwall Take Over radio show was good, but, wow, I am immensely proud of our service and this amazing 24 Hour Take Over community engagement event. Protection and Prevention is the work which is at heart of our communities and we do this best when we are working with our supportive professional partners to make Cornwall safer. A huge thank you to Chaos for making this happen, thank you for the radio station, incredible support and professional skills”.

Babs Rounsevell Director of The CHAOS Group said:

“We’ve heard many stories of unbelievable rescues by firefighters and individuals who have literally dedicated their lives to the service. What isn’t well known is the essential Community Protection and Prevention work they do at the heart of our communities. I want all of Cornwall to be informed about what amazing, inspiring work the Fire brigade do when they are not putting out fires. Community means everybody, and no-one understand this better than our boys and girls in blue!”

The total raised was an incredible £2629.75! A massive well done to everyone involved, and a further enormous thank you to everyone who tuned in and donated.