CN4C – Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change. “We support people who want to make a change for the better”.

I met with Rhisiart and Emma from CN4C who showed me around their new up and coming base and chatted to me about everything they have going on now and in the future.

They told me about how CN4C was growing so they started looking around for a venue to accommodate this growth. “We needed to find somewhere to plant our seeds” said Emma.

That’s when they found the ‘Old bank’ in the heart of St Austell, although it needed a lot of work doing, they couldn’t help but see all the potential in the beautiful, historic building complete with bank vaults inside.

It had been vacant for four years and was nowhere near ready for the public to use, so they all pulled together to start getting the job done. “Through the help of others, we are now here!”.

A lot of furniture and volunteered time was donated, including help from ‘Hidden Help’ who take unwanted furniture and up-cycle it before giving it to those who are in dire need.

They held a ‘Communi-tea’ day (great name) where people could come and chat (over a cup of tea of course) about what they would like to happen, and get involved in.

Now, the space is already busy every day. Boasting a huge variety of activities and opportunities to learn. From a cooking, board games and walking groups, to counselling, crisis support and benefit advice. Partners can refer anyone in and, by putting this process in place, every single person can feel safe. On top of this, just down the road is CN4C’s Swap shop where new people can go to find out more before joining. 

There are several rooms ready to take their positions, with the idea of filling them with a GP once a month, as well as a hairdresser, nurse, and a dentist. Addaction are going to hold a potential slot too.

Helen from Addaction volunteers in there once a month already, spending the day doing nail art for anyone who needs a good pampering.

“We support in any way that we can”, whether this is guidance or even help with homelessness. Down at the swap shop they can also give out tents, sleeping bags and food. Hot pasties are also served every evening from 5pm.

Places like Tesco and local businesses donate food. This reduces waste, using perfectly good food that would’ve otherwise been binned.

Their overall aim is ‘to help people to help themselves’ and what a wonderful job of that they’re doing.