Positive People have teamed up with Lyskerrys magazine based in Liskeard, Cornwall. This new partnership aims to help anyone from budding writers, to those who don’t know where to start.

The drop in sessions in the Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard are for people to pop in, have a chat (and some cake) and meet new people. There is the opportunity to learn new skills, bring ideas to life and even to begin the path to employment if required.

When you enter the room, you are greeted with the sound of people chatting, the smell of fresh cake and tea and the lovely friendly atmosphere. A school worker discussing all the animals the children look after and how she could tell the world more about this, a mum who is running her own outdoors business after being on the Positive People programme, and an unemployed gentleman who loves to write. All very different people with very different backgrounds, all bonding and sharing ideas.

The drop in sessions will be on hold for the time being, but will be shared on social media when back up and running, we hope to see some of you there!