A lovely story from our partners at Cornwall Marine Network.

“I worked with a young man in Stennalees who really wanted to find employment. He has severe dyslexia and after spending most of his childhood in France, his English reading and writing skills are limited. His fairly remote location also limited his opportunities as he had to rely on public transport.

“Hayden is a lovely, well‐mannered and quiet individual who was willing to undertake any work as he wanted to ease the financial burden on his parents who he still lives with.

“After helping Hayden to update his CV, we agreed that I would have a walk around the local area and speak with businesses to enquire about any employment opportunities. The first business I spoke to was a wood yard and they confirmed that they did need someone on a casual basis, but needed them to start immediately.

“I phoned Hayden who was now on his way home and he came straight back to meet the employer and was offered a work trial for the following morning. Hayden arrived early for his trial and then continued to work the following week in between his Fork Lift course.

“When I visited a couple of weeks later, the manager told me how Hayden had really impressed him. He was reliable, hardworking, followed instructions well and fitted in well with the rest of team. He was very interested in the fact that Hayden could speak fluent French as he has a lot of business contacts in France. He realised that all he needed was an opportunity and with this in mind offered him a part-time permanent contract.

“Hayden told me that he was really happy to be working and although this may not be his long term goal, this was a good place to start.

“Since I last spoke to Hayden, he is now working for the company full time and is doing very well.”

Zara, Cornwall Marine Network