Baris’ Story

The participants the team meet on a daily basis often wow us with their intelligence and drive. These are people who want to succeed but have just fallen on hard times, one step away from the support they need to recover. One of our Change Coaches, Simon, met one such participant, Baris. Here’s his story.

I met Baris and it was immediately evident that he was an extremely switched on gentleman who just couldn’t decide what route he wanted to take and needed some advice that would help him to direct his knowledge, skills and passions to be successful.

Baris had an extremely difficult time growing up and through his early adult life. He, admittedly, made some mistakes and spent some time in prison. This has created a barrier for Baris in his later life, particularly around employment and disclosure of his past, but he was dedicated to overcoming his past and improve his future. I only had to meet him 3 times to support Baris to get the outcome he wanted, and this is not to do with me – it was his sheer drive and determination to succeed.

During our first appointment Baris was very open and honest about his past which helped me, as a change coach, to support him to create a pathway that was achievable and would support Baris on his road to success.

Baris wanted to complete a degree and we initially discussed an access course to be followed by a degree but Baris was keen to explore other avenues that would allow him to achieve his goal quicker. We discussed the Open University route which would remove the need to complete the access course and allow Baris to complete his degree at his own pace, which I’m sure will be as quick as he possibly can!

I spoke to Baris later that day and he had already put in his student finance application. Positive People purchased Baris a laptop with a Microsoft Office package and, the all-important, protective case. As if that wasn’t enough, Baris also managed to gain employment in a popular Exeter Barbershop to support himself financially whilst completing the degree. Baris is now on his way to achieving a BA Hons in Business Management with a Sports Management module.

It was an absolute privilege to work with Baris and he has proven that lives can be turned around. He is also proof of the adage – “You get out what you put in” – Well done Baris!