Case study: Gavin Daniels

Gavin is one of the most proactive students we have had on our digital training courses down in Torquay. He’s highly computer literate, but was looking for a new challenge and new “things digital” to learn when he first came into contact with Positive People. He joined the project in the summer of 2017, after a period of extreme isolation, due to his poor health, and was immediately invited to join an Advanced IT 6-week course that was running over the next couple of months.

The course was meant to encourage the use of presentation and design digital tools, such as PowerPoint and Canva, when conveying information in both creative and semi-professional environments. It was quite clear from its inception that Gavin had quite an interest in the new learning challenge, while also enjoying the company of his classmates and the opportunity to showcase the great work he was carrying out in other areas of his life, through these new means of expression.

Being artistically gifted and a skilled wood carver, Gavin, in fact, had conceived a fantastic range of unique walking sticks that he intended to donate to the local hospital on an ongoing basis, and PowerPoint seemed to be the perfect tool for him to create a presentation that would showcase his outstanding work.

However, that didn’t seem to be just enough for Gavin, and he decided to embark on an additional digital challenge and create a second presentation. This time, his focus would be his other passion: feeding and looking after badgers. For this second piece of digital work, not only did he make use of all the features, effects and transitions he was taught during this course, but he added a few more, that he had proactively learnt by himself, thus going over and beyond the established course learning objectives. In a very short period of time Gavin also became an additional safe pair of hands for the digital trainer, as he volunteered in helping his classmates absorb all the course information, both in and outside of the classroom environment.

Last but not least, Gavin also took part in our Torquay Christmas event, where he participated in several workshops, and will soon be joining other digital workshops in and around the Torquay area. We, at Cosmic, can’t wait to see what his “digital mind” will come up with next!

You can watch Gavin’s presentations to see how, in just the space of three weeks, he went from knowing nothing about PowerPoint to mastering some of its functionalities. I hope you will enjoy them!