Case study: George Dyson

What is your name and age?

George Dyson, 74.

Are you happy for your story to be used in the public domain (social media, press etc).


Why did you come to Positive People? What challenges digitally did you face?

I have a number of projects that I want to do, for example documenting my family history. I felt like I was being blocked by the fact that I don’t feel confident with my IT skills.

One of my main challenges was confidence. Having the information to push forward and do it myself and having the confidence to take a step into the unknown with the uncertainty of being unable to pull back if I break something.

How has Positive People helped you?

Positive people has helped me by allowing me to become much more certain of my understanding of windows 10, security, emails and a much greater willingness to try things with confidence. It will enable me to continue to work on my projects without barriers.

What have you achieved?

Confidence, new skills with windows 10, I have the basis for doing things myself over the next few years. Taking what I have learnt and implementing that.

What difference have these achievements made to your life?

These sessions and the project are important to me to make sense of life for the future.