Pit Stop Challenge Part 1

It’s a race against the clock and every minute counts this Autumn on Positive People, when we descend on OCRA Pavillion in Okehampton to host our very own Pit Stop Challenge on the 13th September. Cosmic are donning their overalls along with participants of all ages and abilities to outline, budget, and create a non-motorised speed machine.

Working in conjunction with Richard from ACF Team Building, our motley crew will work in teams to construct the ultimate vehicle and it isn’t just the vehicle that needs to be speedy. Everyone will have a different role to take on, from chief engineer, right down through to finding our Lewis Hamiltons. Once the go-karts are completed they will do a run where we will capture footage with GoPros. Whatever’s built will need to be stable and sturdy as at the end of the day, we’ll be launching them down a special track – we don’t want anyone to wind up in a tree!

The great thing about recording an active event like this is that we can invite the participants back at a later date to view and edit their footage. Not only do they get the physical and creative elements of the day, they’ll also get some digital provision as well as we can teach them some video editing skills.

We are positive it will be a fun filled day which includes transport to the venue and a buffet for lunch. There are 30 places available for the event, so it is first come first served, we are hoping the activity will be very popular and attract men and women of all ages to come and enjoy the day. So if you are over 25, not in employment and you love Ferraris, give us a call to book your space.

We’ll be back with a full report from the day later in September.