5G… What and Why?!

You may have noticed a lot of commotion recently over the roll out of 5G. It’s everywhere, bill boards, adverts, internet! But what is it, and why should you care?

5G is the fifth and latest generation in mobile data connectivity. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi this is what you use when surfing the internet, browsing social media, chatting on WhatsApp, watching videos on YouTube etc.

5G is a significant improvement over its predecessor, 4G.  It is faster, more reliable and uses less energy.

Faster – 4G has a typical download speed of 20mb/s. Enough to stream music, use the internet and download standard quality video.  5G will be significantly faster, with speeds between 300 – 800mb/s depending on your location. This is faster than most home broadbands and will allow you to download a 4k movie in seconds with virtually zero buffer time.

More reliable – Due to the way 5G operates it allows for more people to be connected to it at any one time without the signal becoming unstable or slowing down. This guarantees you will be getting the maximum speed 100% of the time.

Less energy consumption – 5G antennas will be situated closer to each other than 4G antennas, reducing load and power consumption of that antenna. 5G also aims to increase phone battery life up to 3 days.

The future;

The 5G infrastructure is still being built in the UK, currently most major cities are benefiting from this technology. London,  Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff all have 5G. With another 10 cities being switched on this year. Devon will see 5G hit our cities in 2020.

With the whole of the UK 5G enabled, this will unlock a huge development in technology and automation. 5G will be reliable and fast enough to enable autonomous cars to be developed. Full coverage will allow courier companies to use drones to deliver packages quickly and cleanly. Surgeons could perform operations using augmented reality from anywhere in the world allowing you to receive the best practitioner, regardless of location.

And this is just the start, who knows what will be developed in the future! If you have any questions on how to get 5G for yourself, head to a Digital Drop In where one of our trainers can give you more information.