“A new and exciting opportunity” – Laura’s story

Laura, 29,  from East Devon needed a job to fit in around her commitments as a single mother, but without the necessary qualifications she wasn’t sure where to start. Now she is proudly telling her story about how her hard work has paid off. 

“I engaged with Angela from Positive People. She has been fantastic and very supportive the whole time always encouraging and friendly.

“I left school with good GCSEs but went straight into retail where I succeeded, gained promotions and NVQ qualifications. However since becoming a single mum, I have struggled to find retail work to fit in with childcare. I decided a school job would be a good idea and was put in touch with Positive People.

“The main challenge was having no qualifications, no money and no experience to get started in a school role. 

“Angela encouraged me to email schools to ask if I could volunteer for them and one accepted so I started volunteering in the nursery. I also got a level two qualification funded for me which I have just completed. 

“This has made a huge difference to my life as I have now gained a part time job at the school I was initially volunteering at and that has also allowed my to save up to do the level three qualification which I have now started. It has also boosted my self confidence in believing that I can try and achieve new things.

“My future goal is to complete my level three qualification and then to apply for a role with more hours within the setting I am currently working at which is due to be advertised in December.

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to Angela and Positive People for giving me a new and exciting opportunity”.