Ashley Explains It All – A Trainer-Change Coach Story

In recent times on the Positive People Devon project, Change Coaches and Digital Trainers have been aligned with each other in small teams across the county, to make our work with participants much more efficient and get them the best possible help. One of my Change Coaches is Ashley, who has been on the project since day one – he’s seen a lot of participants!

Ashley and I have a curious relationship. Our daily conversations mostly revolve around horror movies and concert stories (some of which start “I got punched in the face when I went to see Green Day once”). However, when it comes down to working with participants we have a great back-and-forth rapport in getting our participants what they need.

Recently we’ve been working closely with someone who has been looking to get into the media industry, particularly in game music production. He doesn’t have the current up-to-date technology to produce a portfolio that he would be able to put forward to apply for roles, and confidence issues have left him wary of trying to sell himself. From a technical perspective, Ashley wasn’t sure what he could do and asked if I could provide support in a non-training capacity.

I sat with the participant – someone who was already quite clued up on the tech side – and together we worked out that by getting some studio time, as well as uploading his work to a cloud service, we would be able to pursue a trial or some work experience with a major software house somewhere in the country. I liaised with Ashley to provide this information, who is now following it up with the participant.

As members of staff working closely with each other, we must be prepared as a team to dip into areas not in our natural comfort zones. It’s what the participants want and need from us – to be connected and understanding, so that as a team we are superior to being individuals.