Case Study – Kingsbridge music workshop

In April, Positive People teamed up with Activities 115, a local charity based in Kingsbridge to bring music to the masses! These workshops are designed to show off digital in an audio and audio-visual format. Participants could play and get lessons with;

  • Digital DJ
    Using virtual vinyl, midi and laptops participants can mix songs together, add effects, scratch and use a microphone.
  • Bass guitar
    Using an electric guitar, PlayStation 4 and Rock smith software participants can lean a variety of different songs by playing a real guitar and following on screen visual instructions and audio prompts.
  • AeroDrums
    Using special software and a PlayStation camera, participants can play the drums and make sounds by moving sticks without the need for any physical drum kit.
  • Music creation
    Using apps on the iPad such as Garage Band and Noise participants can begin to layer different sounds to create their own piece of music. There is also a Roli Block which is a touch sensitive pad that connects to the Noise app to give a further element and dynamic to playing.

A little bit about the workshop partner, Activities 115;

“Our inspiration is to be a game-changer. We want to change the way society sees people with learning difficulties. We believe in neurodiversity. We want to empower people, we want to boost their confidence and we want to give them a chance to enjoy day to day life fulfilled with joy.

We are very conscious that day to day life involves different types of technology, digital tools, solutions. People with learning differences seem to miss out on most of that.

Innovation is at the forefront of our organisation’s strategic thinking. Let’s get digital – I would like to say. And not only because it’s fun but mainly because digital tools can truly improve the quality of people’s life.” – Paulina Kubas, Operations Manager.

On the day we welcomed 30 keen music makers though the doors, all enjoying and being inspired by the use of music and digital. Some went away wanting to take up one as a hobby, some had downloaded the apps we were using onto there own devices to use at home.

‘I really enjoyed the DJing, I didn’t know you could use it with a computer’

‘Thank you for bringing all of this fabulous equipment, I will be using some of these apps myself now’

All in all, a very successful day, one that we will be replicating very soon!