On Saturday 4th May Positive People were running a photographic art gallery event at Moments Café in Plymouth, designed to showcase some of the participants recent digital photography pieces. This was a culmination of a 6-week course to help people improve their confidence and try something new or improve on an existing interest with like-minded individuals. Photos taken by the participants were on display around the building allowing friends, family and the general public the chance to view the artwork and talk with the individuals about their work and inspirations. Alongside this was a number of arts and crafts areas for people to get involved in. A professional photographer, who had helped support the participants on the course, was there to offer individual and family photo portraits printed on the day for them to take away.

As part of the days offering we took along several iPads and Apple pencils for people to try their hand at some digital drawing using a piece of software called Procreate, a free powerful sketching, painting and illustration app for digital artists. Used by amateurs and professionals. The app allows the user to create anything they can imagine using different brushes, colours, filters and tools within the app to then save, share, print and publish online. With over 130 brushes available the artistic possibilities are endless. Layers allow users to isolate elements of the drawing for manipulation and effects without affecting other parts of the drawing.

We had a lot of people try the software out with some engrossed in their creation for hours. Children loved the ability to paint clouds and bubbles easily with special brush tools. The younger children especially loved using the eraser to delete some of their drawings and colourings. One family even played noughts and crosses! There were various comments on how good the software was and how realistic and sensitive the pencils felt in hand and interacting with the screen. The ability to press harder to produce a darker, heavier brush stroke was a particular welcome surprise.

The day was a great success and although many of the participants on the project who were exhibiting their photography were nervous, all the photos were well received, and a great day was had by all. With all the arts and crafts available visitors were able to take away a memento from the day along with some great memories and new friendships. We even emailed people their iPad digital drawing for them to enjoy at home.