Digital Opens Doors to a positivity in Plymouth

The sun was shining for the students at Open Doors today as they completed their final class ahead of their graduation later in the week. Open Doors has partnered with Positive People to provide digital support to refugees in the Plymouth area, alongside their English and other classes.

Digital inclusion for these students is an important element of supporting equality and diversity. For many, being able to access the internet and all digital has to offer, provides them with opportunities for learning, career progression, job search and of course keeping in touch with friends and family back home. The digital support provided by Positive People digital trainers includes staying safe online, and making the fullest use of the devices available to them be it a phone, tablet or laptop. Following the digital support course students are better able to use digital to find their way around, access local services, apply for jobs or benefits etc.

All the students have a positive contribution to make to their adoptive country and are keen to use digital to help them do so. The course covers basic digital vocabulary but also enables students to better understand the world of digital through practical and creative projects.

Feedback is universally positive, “This computer class is excellent, the best fun, very good good teacher”.

When these students graduate this week they will be moving on equipped with the knowledge and skills to use digital to build opportunities and make positive progress.