The weather may have been grey, downcast and at times rainy (hey it was November), but it never darkened or dampened our spirits or creativity.  The day? Wednesday 6th November, the location? The stunning Westward Ho! seafront and coastline. The purpose? To learn some new photography techniques and introduce digital photography to the beginner in a fun and relaxed environment.

We all met at 10am outside the Waterfront inn, introduced ourselves and talked a little about our own previous photography experiences, current devices with camera capabilities, and what we’d like to learn from the day ahead.  Despite the impending threat of a sudden downpour we weren’t tempted to order a tea or coffee inside.  Well maybe we were a little bit! After about 30 mins of chat everyone was raring to go.

We made our way along the seafront and esplanade looking for inspiration and a great photo opportunity. As we did so we talked about different hints, tips and good practice to taking better photos.  Some of the group even tried out some clip-on smartphone lenses to help alter the picture.

  1. Think before you shoot – One of the most important! Take your time to frame your shot. Move around your subject, try low and high angles, re-arrange objects and make use of the environment to frame your shots. The group played around with these concepts the most and had real fun getting into different positions to capture their perfect image.
  2. Apply the rule of thirds – People tend to find pictures are more appealing when they adhere to the rule of thirds. Using the cameras gridlines we were all able to line up our subject with in the image to help balance the composition.
  3. Use leading lines – Using natural lines in the environment to lead the viewers eyes to the centre of our photo. This helps create depth and interest. When we looked for these natural lines we were surprised by just how many they were to help us.
  4. Light up your subject – Natural light creates the most flattering images. If the light is too low it can cause grain and blur. Thankfully despite the heavy cloud there was still plenty of natural light to help us capture some great shots.
  5. Play with shadows and silhouettes – Shadows can greatly enhance a photo. The sun (what’s that?) creates the longest shadows when it’s at its lowest level which is great to play around with at this time of year. Some of the group played around with silhouettes and shadows.

As we continued on our walk we visited the pebbled beach, a supposed hunted house! And even played around with the panoramic capabilities of our smart phones and devices whilst overlooking the rugged British coastline then made our way back round the beach.  With the help of our guide for the day (Krista a change coach from Pluss) not only did we learn about photography but also some of the history and interesting facts about Westward Ho! and the surrounding area. We saw a number of pieces of street art from Mau Mau and learnt about the remains of a submerged 6000-year-old human settlement and forest just off the beach. More info here:

It was a great day enjoyed by all and Cosmic and the Positive People Project would like to thank everyone who attended the day and for making it happen.  If you’d like to attend a future digital photography workshop or any of our other creative workshops on offer, or would just like to find out a bit more please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team on 0330 088 3005 or via email [email protected] we’d love to see you there learning new skills and trying out new techniques and devices.