Situated in the heart of the beautiful Exmoor National Park, the Exmoor Pony Centre is a small charity run business, owned by the Moorland Mousie Trust, working to promote and protect the endangered rare-breed Exmoor pony.

In June Positive People Devon teamed up with Positive People Somerset to give participants the chance to experience a day handling, petting, walking and learning all things pony. A group of 30 had a great day, topped off with scones and tea!

Cosmic brought along some cool gadgets to compliment the session. Participants were able to take photos using mobile phones and special adaptive lenses that can create macro and wide lens shots.

We also brought along the Prynt portable printer for the iPhone which everyone really enjoyed using. This is a device that connects to an iPhone and can instantly print off Polaroid pictures using the free to download iOS app. There are a few variations of this product available to purchase. The cheapest being the KiiPix Portable Photo Printer. This will work with all phones and requires no batteries, power or phone apps. Whilst this is a good base unit it is a bit fiddly to use compared to the app-based devices such as the Prynt for iPhone and Polaroid Zip Wireless for both iPhone and android thanks to its wireless Bluetooth compatibility.

This was also Cosmic’s first outing with our two new volunteers, Val and Chris. Chris was particularly impressed with the wide nature of support we offer and finding inventive ways to be creative with technology. Val loved the integration of both Devon and Somerset projects coming together, being able to socialize and finish with cream teas and cake is a lovely added touch.

Everyone really enjoyed the session and are looking forward to doing something similar soon.

“I really enjoyed being able to take photos and then have something physical to take away”

“I can now add this to my scrapbook rather than losing photos in the phone”