Hemyock Safer Internet Day (Part 2)

On Tuesday 5th February, Positive People and Hemyock Primary School celebrated Safer Internet Day 2019 around the Theme of ‘Together for a Better Internet’. During the day two members of the digital training team introduce the theme to the pupils and spent some time in each year group discussing the ways in which they use the internet and how they can be safe when they are using it.

Each class used the Apple iPads and Pencils to create internet Superheroes that would help them to remember to be safe when they were online. There were many different ideas including apps which reminded you to be safe and Captain Underpants with a tag line of ‘BE SAFE ASK?’.

The discussion in the younger years focussed on the idea of people they didn’t know face to face couldn’t be their friends and the importance of always checking with an adult when they had a question, so they were using the technology safely.

As we went through the year groups, the discussion moved to making sure that content they were uploading was respectful and didn’t have any personal information, for instance making sure they weren’t wearing their school uniform.

At the end of the day, we presented an information session for the parents. We discussed the main themes of the discussions with the children. This session was received very positively and the discussion between the parents at the end as to how they keep their children safe was very interesting.

The focus of all the sessions was to keep the dialogue open and remember the internet isn’t a bad or scary thing when it is used responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

If you are interested in find out more about being safe in line visit www.saferinternetday.org.uk and to find out more about the Positive People project, please go the ‘Contact Us’ section.

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