“I feel like I am a different person!” – Lisa’s story

Lisa, 42, from Plymouth had battled with an alcohol addiction for 20 years, until she decided that enough was enough and it was time to seek help. She’s now sober, doing great and ready to tell the story.

“I self-referred to Hamoaze House and stayed there for two years working on beating my addiction. I was also engaged in Harbour too. I was drinking to block out emotions from not being able to have children (or never falling pregnant).

“I didn’t have any qualifications due to being moved around a lot in my earlier years and always felt like a lot of my knowledge was being wasted. So, I decided to overcome my addiction and try to help others, become a good counsellor and potentially foster in the future.

“Overcoming my alcohol addiction was my biggest challenge. Also, going back to study after not taking any exams due to personal circumstances in my younger years. It’s been great to prove to myself and my family that I do have a brain, and am able to achieve great results.

“I enrolled with Positive People a couple years ago after meeting a lady at Hamoaze from the company. I was then assigned Pete, who helped with my weight issues by enrolling me to the gym. I did a First Aid course and then found myself interested in counselling, as I had been sober for ages and thought that I would make a good counsellor. So, I enrolled on Level two and three. All thanks to Pete.

“I feel like I am a different person from the first time I met with Pete. He can see the changes in me and I just keep getting more focused as time goes on. Without these courses to keep me occupied I feel I would have gone back to drinking for sure, but this has kept me focused and sober.

“I want to concentrate now on doing Level four to become a fully qualified counsellor. I am also hoping to foster children in the future as I have never had children, which is also a part of why I drank in the first place – to block my feelings out. But to be able to overcome this is amazing and I hope to help children have a happy home in the future, as well as helping people in counselling work.

“I would just like to say how amazing Positive People is and that I am living proof that lives can be changed with the appropriate help that I have received. Yes, there is a lot of willpower and determination from myself, but the funding for my Level two and three only happened because of Positive People”.