On Wednesday the 13th of November, we spent the day at Sandwell Manor with a group of participants both past and present who had received digital support through Positive People for our first Digital Shadow Board.

The day started with the participants arriving from both the Torquay and Plymouth region and after being welcomed with refreshments and a warm room on an icy November day there was a choice to either join in with the Digital Treasure hunt designed to support the learning that they had acquired through 1:1’s and Workshops or Digital drawing through using the Apple Pencil and iPad.

A lot of the group decided to work in pairs to tackle the treasure hunt. Using the iPad, they had to use Actionbound which is an interactive app based on a treasure hunt. To start they needed to scan a QR card which brought up the first question. Using the internet or different app the teams had to complete the different challenges and answer they questions. It was great fun and the questions were all digitally based allowing the participants to gain more knowledge during the day.

Other participants worked inside (in the warm) using the iPad and pencil to create a range of drawings based on the inside of the Manor House.

It was them time to get cooking and make either fruit or cheese scones. After getting ourselves messy the scones were put in the oven to cook ready for after lunch.

There were lots of discussions about the range of support they had all received and how much they appreciated the whole of the Positive People project. A lot of the participants explained that without the support from their Change Coaches, Digital advisors and the Community Enablers they would be as far along their journey and improvement as they were.

During the feedback session (with scones), many of the participants explained that the 1:1 digital sessions allowed them to improve their skills without feeling silly or stupid as the trainers were supportive, patient and always friendly. These sessions had given some of the participants confidence to start their own businesses, start online courses and even acquire jobs in roles they would previously have been unable to do due to their lack of digital skills.

They explained how they enjoyed learning new skills with their own devices and that the sessions where they could be creative and digital were great. One of the only improvements was the need for more equipment when attending events as sometimes they had to share equipment which didn’t always support their learning in the best way.

Overall the feedback was very positive, and everyone had a very enjoyable day.