On 6th December, Cosmic ran their second Join the Jam session, based around music and technology. The Positive People event, held at Exeter Community Centre, was a chance for people to come and try their hand at some fun and innovative ways to learn and play music, no matter their musical talents.

The day had a packed schedule with a rotation of activities for everyone to try. Technology was incorporated into each of these activities, allowing participants to build their confidence in using digital as well. The activities included:

DJing with Cosmic Ben – Cosmic’s own professional DJ, Ben Fayter, taught participants how to scratch decks like a pro and, he even gave his own demonstration to the room!

Rock Smith – Want to learn electric or bass guitar? This game, available on both PlayStation and Xbox, helps you to learn to play from scratch, with guided lessons and tutorials to follow on screen. Our participants had a great time learning to pluck and strum along to different tracks of their choice.

Just Dance – Another console-led game, this is designed to help you master (or at least have a hilarious time trying) some smooth dance-floor moves! Participants got to dance like nobody was watching (apart from we were!)

Aerodrums – First there was air guitar. Now there are air drums! You have to see it to believe it… or not… This was fun to try, even if you have no rhythm!

Garage Band – For those who wanted to try something a little more relaxed, we provided Garage Band on the iPads. This enabled participants to choose from a variety of virtual instruments, such as piano, guitar, strings and percussion, to play on screen and layer into their own soundtracks.

Roliblocks – An amazing innovation that allowed participants to mix together instruments and effects to create their own musical masterpiece with Apples’s very tactile touchpad.

Banana Piano – Because everybody should be able to tell the world “I played on a banana piano!”

In addition to this, one of the participants, Mike, brought his trombone along and gave a surprise lunch time performance of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon’.

The event was a great success with a turnout of 18 attendees. Positive People partner Pop + helped to recruit many of these participants and bring them all the way across from Plymouth in a mini bus to take part in the event! Here is just a snippet of the highly positive feedback we had about the event:

“10/10. This was an awesome experience. I would love even more cool stations”

“10/10. Staff really helpful and friendly. A nice session”

“9/10. I would change nothing. I enjoyed all aspects”.

“10/10. Totally loved it.”

“10/10. Excellent service, would love to do it again.”

“9/10. It was great fun and very informative.”

Cosmic intend to run another Join the Jam session in the Summer of 2020. So keep your eyes peeled for this if you would like to take part! To find out more about our other upcoming events, visit the events page on this website, or get in touch with the Cosmic team on [email protected]