“It’s made such a positive difference” – David’s story

After a period of unemployment and bereavement, David felt he needed to rebuild his confidence and now he’s telling his story of how he did just that.

“I have engaged with Natasha Talbot at Torbay Community Development Trust. Initially it was suggested to me by my landlady who had posters up. I made a call to go to the first session which was kayaking.

“Attending this made me realise it would help me in the long run to attend other things, to help me to cope in life, as well as being a good way to meet new people that are going through the same things as me.

“It gave me confidence to work together as a team with people to achieve a common goal e.g. building go karts, and confidence to regain skills that I need to get back in to work.

“Securing permanent accommodation and getting back to work after a period of unemployment, as well as also having had a bereavement a couple of years ago, has been a challenge for me.

“But attending these sessions gets you out of the house for a bit in a nice environment where you can switch off from everyday life and become absorbed in what you are doing.

“It has helped me build up my confidence – we did assertiveness workshops which was good. I have noticed it has made a difference to how I interact with people.

“Sometimes I find it hard at social events but I attended a wedding recently and I was comfortable there. Things I have done in the last 12 months have helped me improve on areas I was struggling with.

“The biggest thing for me was finding a platform to escape from your everyday routine. I do feel positive when I come out of the events/workshops; it benefits my confidence, my relationships with other people etc.

“My future goals are to start a family, hopefully get married myself and enjoy life.

“I have recently moved from supported accommodation into a settled secure permanent accommodation that I have decorated nicely, and I am exploring work opportunities that I hope will secure future work in teaching.

“It has made such a positive difference and it has given me certain skills that I can transfer to daily life”.