Mega Bites: Fully Loaded

Over the past two months, Cosmic, Age UK Devon and HALFF teamed up to deliver Mega Bites: a cooking course with a difference.

Each session was based around using technology to assist with healthy cooking. The group of men aged 50 and over learnt how to use devices such as iPads and Google Home to develop both their culinary and technological skills. The course also gave the group an opportunity to build their confidence and meet other like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly environment.

During one of the sessions, the group learnt how to follow a YouTube video to prepare and cook a delicious ‘chocolate and beetroot cake’ recipe. After the success of this session, they chose to create their very own YouTube video, filming their cooking session with an app and narrating the steps of a ‘healthy pizza’ recipe. The footage they filmed was then edited by the Cosmic team and shared with the group, so they could try the recipe again at home, following their own video!

You can watch the video here:

Chris, one of the participants at the event, commented “Very enjoyable sessions organised via Age UK Devon, HALFF and Cosmic IT. Easy to follow recipes, good ideas and useful IT tips and recommendations”.

Another participant, David, also commented, “Very useful and helpful… the technology aspect added extra interest”.

You can also read more about these sessions in the previous Mega Bites blog, here:

Mega Bites was delivered as part of the Positive People project in Devon. Positive People is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.