Last week was graduation day for the first cohort of Open Doors students receiving digital support from Cosmic via the Positive People project. The class is a diverse mix of migrants and refugees but they all have one thing in common – they are Positive People and determined to take the opportunities on offer to build a better future for themselves, their families and communities and their adoptive home country.

Each of the participants has their own individual story to tell and their own reason for wanting digital support, which was delivered through a series of focussed, themed workshops. Mohammed wants to become a hairdresser but knows that he will need digital skills, to job search and promote his skills, he also values the social inclusion that digital can provide through social media, forums and so forth. Abbas, on the other hand, aspires to go in to IT and computer programming so the digital input provided by the programme, and the potential to provide digital devices, was of paramount importance to him.

Whatever their reason for wanting digital support these workshops have gone down very well and proved a great success. Participant comments reflect the positive impact the classes have had, as Iuliana said, “I enjoyed these lessons.” The trainer was, “very good, clear speaking and helpful. Patient and dedicated to his work”. That’s what makes us Positive People!