Using digital to improve lives…

The Positive People project is in the very fortunate position to be able to offer digital equipment to participants that require it for training, social mobility or to help them back into work. Before we hand equipment over there is a journey every participant must take.

This starts with the very first interaction, the action plan. During this the participant sits down with their change coach to outline what they would like help with and what the project can offer. If a need for digital support is highlighted it will be added to their action plan with a brief outline of what and why. For Example, Ms X would like to increase their digital knowledge by completing the EDCL course. Ms X does not own any devices at the moment, so a laptop and additional training would be required.

The next step would be to meet with a digital trainer to plan their training needs. Equipment needs will also be discussed and a time scale for both outlined. The trainer (or change coach) will contact the technical specialist outlining what equipment is needed and why. He will then recommend the relevant equipment based on the needs of the participant.

All relevant paperwork required by the funders is filled out. The equipment is then purchased.

If a digital trainer is already assigned to the participant, they will arrange a 1:1 to set up the device/s and tailor future support around them getting the most out of these to ensure sustainability.

This process is vital to ensure we help participants on the Positive People project in the best and most relevant way. Sustainability and longevity are at the forefront of our minds when issuing new equipment. It is very important to us that each client feels comfortable and able to use these devices into the future and beyond their time on Positive People. It is for this reason that we offer tailed one to one and workshop digital support until we feel the participant is comfortable to go it alone.