Positive People Age Well

The Positive People project aims to build confidence, skills and opportunities, a big part of which is bringing digital within the reach of all participants. One of the groups most often excluded from the digital revolution is the over 55s. While this demographic will often have a digital device of some sort, they may not be making best use of it or be aware of what digital has to offer.

It was with this in mind that a team of digital trainers and advisors from Positive People’s digital partner Cosmic, set off for the Central Church hall in Torquay to deliver taster workshops to over 55s in partnership with Ageing Well.

Tasters included digital photography, animation, staying safe on-line, assisted living and the connected home. As well as help and advice on what the Positive People project can offer in individual support.

The taster sessions aimed to demonstrate how digital can make a positive impact in people’s lives. For example, the connected house which uses virtual assistants like Alexa, to operate devices around the house through voice commands, monitor visitors at the door or make your TV and music handsfree.

Digital photography provides a stimulating hobby or interest with the added ability to enhance and share one’s work through on-line social networks and other sites, allowing social interaction and inclusion.

Staying safe on-line is often a major concern for the older demographic, so our workshop on on-line safety and reputation is extremely useful in providing tips on how to protect yourself on-line. This also builds confidence and encourages participants to feel empowered to go on-line and make best use of what is available.

Animation is essentially just a bit of fun, but it is a great way for the younger and older generation to connect, using something like Lego to produce a stop-motion animation on a free app. These are just some of the workshops on offer to all potential participants on the Positive People project.

The taster sessions and the trainers certainly made an impact with Ageing Well group with over fifty signing up for the programme!