The Digital Skills team at Positive People have been hard at work over the last few weeks developing their skills even further to provide an outstanding, comprehensive and compassionate approach to delivering digital training.

The six trainers spent a week developing their communication skills, awareness around mental health, physical/mental abuse, employability training and they even took a look at their own personalities!

Our Digital Skills Advisors work with all walks of life from those who want basic employability skills right though to those who may have further complex needs that need to be addressed. Our trainers are knowledgeable around a variety of different circumstances and are always there to support the participants needs.

A little bit about our training week;

MECC Training – (Making Every contact count) All our trainers are now MECC certified. We explored how we all communicate and what we need to do to facilitate communication to get the best for our participants.

Mental Health and Domestic Abuse – A hard hitting and emotive subject but something that affects many people. Positive People Digital Skills Advisors are skilled to understand the complexities of this and apply support if required.

Employability Training – We understand that the world of job searching and applying online can be a daunting and complicated thing to comprehend. Our trainers have undergone training in this area to deliver the most comprehensive and up to date advice and training.

Personality Training – Sometimes it’s easy to forget we’re all human, even trainers! The trainers took some time to really understand themselves and each-other. This gives a great insight into training style, areas of strength and also areas that need work. This allows the right trainer to be allocated to the right participant and also continues to develop style, content and motivation!

So now the Digital Trainers are even more equipped to help Devon become digitally included. As the next phase of the project begins we hope to see you out and about as we travel across the county!