Printed Poetry

Rebekah came onto Positive People to turn her business idea into reality and enhance her chances of success.

Rebekah has incredible creative skills and can offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to, Poetry, Card and Poster Design, photography, film making and more!

I worked with Rebekah following her time on the Positive People Self-Employment Workshops. The work we did together was to look at social media and digital marketing and how this could enhance Rebekah’s chances of success.

The digital marketing spanned across 3 sessions – Rebekah was already set up on both Facebook and Instagram which were the 2 platforms identified during the first session. As these were set up we spent some time creating a content plan (this is a plan that outlines the frequency and types of social media posts). Rebekah also went home to complete some market research.

During session 2 we reviewed posts that Rebekah had completed and measured interactions with these posts. We looked at timing and types of posts and looked further into the varying factors that may influence posts. We ended by setting social media goals.

Session 3 was a full review session to review progress on the goals set and on Rebekah’s social media and content plan.

A quote from Rebekah;

“Before the digital marketing sessions I felt lost in terms of how I go about digital marketing and social media for my business. After the first 2 sessions I had a much better idea of what posts I should be posting and which social media platforms are most relevant for my business. Now that I have finished the sessions I have a very clear understand of what I want to do with my social media moving forward. I’m feeling confident to keep going and have set social media goals with Simon to keep me on track.”

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rebekah on this and we at Positive People wish Rebekah all the best!

Check out some of her work on the following links;