Simon’s Story

Every participant on the project is unique and has a story to tell but sometimes you meet someone that has a drive and ambition that makes an impression on you.

I met Simon in August and his ambition to be successful was evident. During our first meeting we discuss his aspiration to set up his own graphic design business. Since returning from travelling he had already attended the pop-up business self-employment support in Saltash.

He explained that the one thing he had taken away from the event was that he needed to make sure he had an immediate presence. He quoted that the person organising the event had said ‘If I am looking for a graphic designer and I look on the internet in the local area, am I going to go for the person who hasn’t got a website but might be really good or the person who already has a digital presence.’  Simon took this on straight away and went home to create his website using an online website producer rather than waiting for a programme and learning how to do it. During the course he also raffled off his time to another business to create a brand for them. This not only gave him kudos, it also gave him a great piece of advertisement on his own website and their website.

During our meeting we discussed the action that would benefit him in moving forward with his aspirations and decided that business support from Outset would be a good idea and a link to the Cosmic commercial side. He also explained he would benefit from some support with his digital media presence as he has some ideas from the pop-up business school but would like some more support with these.

In our subsequent meetings, I linked him with two of the other participants who required either branding or illustrations. The illustrations came from Simon showing his drawing board of the story he had come up with whilst being in Australia and a Puffer Fish falling from the sky. He explained that he would really like to make this into a book for children this was when I suggested he meet with one of my participants who was a Primary School teacher and now creating her own books.

Simon has since set up his own Graphic Design Business and is working alongside Positive People Self Employment Workshops to support other would be entrepreneurs.

I would like to wish Simon the best in his endeavours and hope he continues to work alongside Positive People future.