Susan’s Positive People Story

As a Change Coach you sometimes meet people who you have an instant connection with and this was true of Susan. Having both been Primary Teacher and in the education system for many years we bonded over a love of learning and the books we enjoyed.

Susan has had a vibrant, varied and unique career. Having started working life as a qualified Nursery Nurse, she later retrained as a teacher. Here began a patchwork-career, moving across countries and continents, getting involved in a huge range of exciting jobs. From teaching English in Spain, to setting up children’s play centres in the Greek Islands. Susan has been a teacher in many countries, a swimming coach, and has even done a stint picking pears in Australia!

Most recently, Susan has spent time in Abu Dhabi, providing private tuition and immersing herself in the culture and life in the United Arab Emirates. However, eighteen months ago, Susan returned to Devon, no longer able to teach full time. “It was like: I’ve come back, hit 60, no pension, no job and now what? What do I do?”. She felt that she was in a rut and without direction.

Whilst on a train journey to Axminister, Susan overheard part of a conversation across the aisle; someone mentioned Positive People. She didn’t know anything about the project, but the words “positive people” struck a chord and she decided to do some research. As a result, Susan was introduced to myself, one of Cosmic’s Change Coaches on the Positive People project. With lots of ideas and a skilled background, I recommended the Susan joined the Build Your Own Business course; she hasn’t looked back since.

With a series of business-basics workshops, digital skills training, and mentoring, Susan now feels that she “suddenly has a path to go down, and a direction to follow”. Cosmic were also able to provide Susan with a website, to allow her to promote her next projects. Jamie at Cosmic designed a bespoke website, highlighting her teaching services in an easy-to-understand manner. The website is mobile friendly and gives Susan a professional online presence.

She’s always had an interest in writing books, and has already written two children’s stories, imminently to be published. She is finding that new-found skills with LinkedIn and other forms of Social Media are allowing her to forge new contacts and approach ideas with confidence.

New business ideas are cropping up all the time for Susan, and she’s also applied to volunteer with local charities in Devon, so that she can give time to other people feeling isolated. Joining the Positive People programme has helped Susan immensely: “When I met her (Susanna, Cosmic’s Change Coach) it was like a breath of fresh air… it was Life! I’m in a really good place now”. I am delighted that Susan has found a new energy and direction, and we are looking forward to seeing her next successes.