Feedback is so important to everything that we do here at Positive People.

We use all feedback to shape how we deliver our services moving forward.

We gather feedback in a number of ways; all delivery staff can take feedback from groups or individuals and you may see us with comment cards where you can give anonymous feedback if you wish to do so. We also run Participant shadow board events where any participants on project can spend the day with some of the staff, do something fun and there will be a structured method for giving feedback on these days.

It’s always great, of course, to get positive feedback as this shows us that what we’re doing is right. Constructive feedback is just as, if not more, important to what we do.

Constructive feedback really gives us the opportunity to reflect on the work we’re doing, see how we can improve that work and make it better and really deliver work to communities that is relevant and effective.

Without your feedback it would be much more difficult for us to adapt and improve the work we do so thank you to anyone who has contributed in this way!

If you want to give any feedback, then please ask a member of the team or get in touch!