2019 may be starting to wind down, but Positive People have already got one eye on the future. The start of 2020 represents the next chapter of our wonderful project, and that means a great deal of new developments and opportunities.

One of the things we’ve been working on at Cosmic is the Learning Platform, a web based system that has been designed as a learning aid for everything that we teach. The Learning Platform will provide all course material, assignments and direct communication with the trainers, all at the touch of a mouse button or touchscreen. Some of our participants struggle with their introduction to digital – we get that, starting with technology can be incredibly overwhelming. The Learning Platform has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible – it’s all just “click and read”, and importantly, creates an all-important lasting connection between their learning and the digital world.

The advantages for both the trainers and our participants are immeasurable. In the past, when preparing for our sessions and workshops, we’ve been well-armed with handouts and information, increasing our preparation time and the natural resources we’re using. Now, we can sign up and offer support in using the Learning Platform for all of those elements – increasing the time we can spend with our participants, and reducing the environmental impact our project has (something that’s become very topical lately!)

For now, the Learning Platform will support our 4 workshops – Self-Employment, Digital Employability, Essential Digital and Microsoft Office. However, we have plenty of plans in 2020 to expand it so much further. Live 121 support, Creative Sessions, direct access to a trainer and hints and tips will all be available on the platform, whether you’re a participant on the project or not, and from a trainer point of view, being able to connect and help even more people than we already do is incredibly rewarding. When a Change Coach puts you onto one of our courses, don’t worry about requesting access to the Learning Platform – you’ll be automatically enrolled. And don’t worry if you don’t feel confident about using it – we’ll be right there to support you. Improving your digital skills is all part of the service, and we have full faith the Learning Platform is a fantastic tool to do that.