Amazon Alexa, known better as Alexa, is a virtual assistant with AI technology developed by Amazon which is used in Amazon Echo smart speakers.

It is an app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

A lot of people wonder how this type of technology can help them and how it works. I started my journey with the Echo dot over 2 years ago and have since added to this with the Echo and the Echo Show.

In the beginning, I started using the Echo Dot just as a set of speakers and didn’t realise the range of things that I could use the App and the Dot for. Since downloading the app and investigating it further it has become something, I use everyday to play music, organise my tasks, put things in my diary, phone my family, read out recipes and so much more.

Every morning, I wake up to music as my alarm and a routine set up through the app on my phone. You can also use the voice control to set the alarm To do this you need to use the command ‘Alexa’ to start technology.

‘Alexa, wake me up at 7 am’

This will set the alarm which will wake you up with either an alarm sound or you can link to music.

As well as the alarm you can set up a routine in the app.

First you would set the routines name – work day. You would then use the instruction ‘Alexa, Start my day’

You now need to add the action by clicking on the + button

This will then take you to a new screen with a range of actions you can add such as music, weather, news report etc.

I say the commands ‘Alexa, start my day’ after the alarm has gone off and then routine starts. Giving me some interesting facts, the weather and the news before the music starts.

One of the other things I use it for regularly is my shopping list as I have a Echo in the kitchen to help me when I am cooking. In order to add items to you shopping list you can use the command ‘Alexa, add to my shopping list’ Alexa will then ask you what you would like to add and you can say the items you would like. When you are out shopping you would give the command ‘Alexa, What is on my shopping list’ at this point the app will read out the list and show it on the screen.

There is so many other thing you can use the app and the devices for.

There are games you can play, quizzes to do and recipes that can be read out. The app gives you daily hints and tips you can learn from and get the best use posssible out of the app and devices.