Be Your Own Boss – Paignton

In March 2020 Positive People delivered a Be Your Own Boss course in Paignton. You may have seen our post about our inaugural Idea’s Lab which we ran in January. This was the course which followed on from that.

On Day 1 we arrived back at the Paignton Club. We used the downstairs training room; this was a really great place to train and definitely a venue we hope to use again in the future!

In total, across the 3 days, we worked with 7 people. All people ready to take steps towards self-employment with their own business ideas. We had a huge array of business types ranging from Business Support to Gardening Services to Counselling and more.

On day 1 we covered Business Planning and the theory behind Branding. Day 2 was a Branding Exercise followed by some support with Digital Marketing and Websites. Day 3, by which time learners and trainers alike were buzzing with ideas, we completed a Digital Marketing and Website exercise and followed this up with our Finance and Funding workshop. Before finally releasing everybody back into the real world we had a final Question and Answer session before handing out certificates.

The whole 3 days was a real buzz of creativity, learning and new ideas. Both from the perspective of the learners and us, as trainers. We were extremely lucky to be delivering to such an engaging and versatile group of learners who, not only came with their own ideas and businesses to develop, they supported each other with their own ideas from a consumer perspective. This support can be absolutely vital to anybody embarking on a journey towards becoming your own boss.

Now, you would be inclined to think that now the 3-day course is over, support from Positive People is too. But you would be wrong! We will now embark as learners and trainers on the next stage of our Be Your Own Boss offering. This can include (depending on eligibility) support to create your Logo and Branding and also website creation. We will also support all learners to develop their Social Media platforms and digital marketing skills to give them the best chance of success.

Huge thank you to the Paignton Club for providing such a great venue and lovely refreshments and lunch. We had great feedback about the chips in particular which was echoed by the training team! A second thank you to all of the trainers involved in delivering the course and the Positive People team members who worked so hard to get the event on in the first place. And finally, the biggest thank you goes to the learners who attended. As mentioned above, the learners were fully engaged and brought a huge amount of creative energy which helps the learner themselves, all the other learners in the room and also the trainers.

If you think you have an idea for Self-Employment and would like the opportunity to explore our support further, then please do get in touch about our Idea’s Lab. The next Idea’s Lab will be in Plymouth on Wednesday 22nd April.

Get in touch by phone on 0330 088 3005 and select option 2 for Positive People Devon. Alternatively, you can email us on [email protected].

If you’re feeling unsure then please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss Positive People in more detail and hopefully arrange some support that suits you and your needs.