Dennis is a 78-year-old man who has recently purchased a laptop and installed broadband to support his ability to communicate with his friends abroad.

He originally came along for support to our Digital Café at Moments Café and spent some time with Ben, one of our Digital Skills Advisors who identified that he would benefit from one to one support to enhance his skill levels and enable him to use his new equipment effectively.

His details were passed over and our first meeting was arranged at Moments Café. During this first meeting we discussed what Dennis would like to use the laptop for and some of the things he has been struggling with. He explained that he had been going to the library for support but found this difficult as they often went to quickly and he couldn’t remember everything they had discussed. He had originally bought the laptop to try and improve his skills and be able to contact his friends and family using video calling.

We started at the beginning with turning the laptop on and off, logging in and identifying some of the apps available on the desktop. We created a set of instructions to support Dennis with turning his laptop during the session and arranged another meeting in Moments at the end of the week.

During the next session, we revisited turning the laptop on and off and discussed some of the problems that had appeared whilst he was on his own at home. Dennis mention that he had been struggling with setting up the Wi-Fi in his home and no matter who he tried he was unable to get help. It was decided that the next meeting would be arranged to support Dennis with setting up his Wi-Fi at home for him to be able to use his laptop effectively.

The following week I travelled to Dennis’ home address and connected his laptop to the Wi-Fi signal in his home. We check to make sure that when he turned the laptop on, he was able to reconnect and that if the signal went, he knew how to set it up again.  He was overjoyed that it was finally working properly and was keen to have a set of instructions with pictures.

We are still working on the basics, but Dennis is beginning to feel more comfortable and confident with his equipment. We have arranged the next meeting to focus on searching on the internet as Dennis wants to book a hotel room soon.

It has been wonderful being able to see his confidence grow and hopefully soon we will be able to use video messaging to contact his friends all over the world.