In these tricky times, it’s more important than ever that we’re keeping in touch with those closest to us. This can be through online quizzes, games or just a video call.

There are many ways we can be checking up on our loved ones, but here are a few Positive People-Approved ways we can all stay connected.


WhatsApp is a great mobile Application which allows you to send messages (including photos and videos), call, and video-call phone contacts using your internet connection. All you need to do is install the app, and it will automatically tell you which of you pre-existing phone contacts also have WhatsApp.

It’s one of the quickest to set up, and easy to use if you’re just looking to add more dimensions to your usual texting and calling.

For more Information on how to set up and use WhatsApp, watch our YouTube video here:

Google Duo

This is a good one for those of you who have Android devices.

Most google/android devices come with google duo pre-installed, this means all you need to do is connect to the internet open the app and go.

Unlike WhatsApp you can’t send text-based messaged, you can only audio/video call and send recorded messages. However, if you have an android device and only want an app that makes video calling easy, Duo might be the app for you.

Watch our video on Duo here:


Now zoom is an Application that has greatly increases in popularity during this time, as one of the most successful platforms to host large, virtual group meetings. It Is not as straight forward to setup as the previous platforms and requires you to set up an account if you wish to host meetings. There is also a 40-minute time limit on calls with over two participants if you do not own a premium account.

If you wish to host calls with over 4 participants, zoom might be the best option, find out how to set up your account and make calls by watching our video on Zoom here:


Skype is a long-time favourite for video calling, and although it may not be as easy to set up and use as many of the others on this list, it is a great option for anyone with a Microsoft email account (Hotmail, Outlook, or Live).

If you have a Microsoft email account, you have access to Skype without any setup required, just log in with your email, and you’ll be able to Skype any of your email contacts who have also logged into Skype.

We also have a video on Skype, find it here:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is one of, if not, the most well knows social media platform out there. If you have a Facebook account, chances are you know about its messenger feature, but may not know that it is has its own app separate from Facebook.

Facebook messenger is similar to WhatsApp (this is mainly because one owns the other) in the sense that you can send text-based and media messages instantly and also audio-call and video-call. Some may argue that the layout of messenger is cleaner and easier to understand, so If you have a Facebook account, we suggest you give it a try.

Fun Activities

All of these applications offer a video-call function, and with that, an endless supply of fun activities for you and your friends can take part in remotely.

Video calling is the next best thing to seeing someone face to face, so treat it as such, there’s nothing holding you back from grabbing a pen and paper, appointing a quiz master and hosting a virtual quiz, You could even throw in a picture round as many of these apps also allow sending media-messages as well as recorded messages if you want to add a music round.

If you are communicating on a PC and have a mobile device separate, there’s a whole host of downloadable applications that allow you to play games virtually, such as Psych, a game where you write you own answers to real trivia questions. All you have to do is install the game on to your mobile or tablet, and call your friends on your PC using one of the listed platforms.

For inspiration on games to play over platforms such as zoom, check out articles such as the one by

Have fun and stay connected.