Dee and Richard are two friends who are both on project with Positive people. Both Dee and Richard found themselves in need of some digital support, which is when they were referred to Susanna, a fellow Digital Skills advisor, and my boss.

They liked to have their change coach meetings together, so we organised to meet them as such with myself focussing on working more with Richard, and Susanna with Dee.

Susanna and I had our initial meeting with Dee and Richard in moments café, where we discussed what they both wanted to gain from our sessions going forward. Dee expressed an interest in photography and psychology, and we planned to investigate applying for online courses in our sessions coming. Richard told us that he needs to keep up to date with ever progressing technology as to not get left behind. From this first session we gathered an idea as to how we would move forward with these two, and pictured an end point to their digital training.

Both Dee and Richard had Gmail accounts, this gave us an opening to start work on some basic computer skills, such as using Google Docs, which helped with keyboard skills, and familiarity with word processing programmes, meaning these skills can transferred to others such as Microsoft word. We also worked on Google Drive, making it much easier to explain the phenomenon that is ‘The Cloud’, and with some casual chat over a coffee, Dee and Richard grasped the idea in no time.

“I have learned how to use a computer and Google Drive, our tutor Oli has been very helpful, professional, instructive and motivating. I have learnt more in the past few weeks than in the past 30 years.”~ Richard

“I have been learning about Google Drive and how to back up files, it’s a pleasure to work with Oli, it’s been really informative, I look forward to learning more computer skills with him.”~Dee
So far, my time with Dee and Richard has been very fulfilling, I enjoy seeing them on a Friday for our meetings, and I am excited to see where this program takes them.