Digital Christmas card making in Plymouth

With the festive season upon us and with Christmas day fast approaching Pop+ arranged an amazing day of festive arts, crafts and community building in Moments Café, Plymouth on Saturday 7th December.

A day designed to bring together many of the participants on the positive people project and their families and friends.  A day for thanks and fun and to experience some new things never tried before.  Cosmic we’re invited to attend and run a Christmas card making session using the free Canva design software This is a free online tool to allow users to create custom designs using Vectors, Fonts, Graphics, and images to produce anything from posters and social media banners to business cards, and wedding invitations.   All you need to create a free account is an email address and a username. It’s simple enough to get to grips with quickly and allows easy drag and drop controls.  There are a number of free and paid for graphics and images available for you to use or change slightly.

Before the event Emma Stannard in our team spent some time creating some Christmas themed card templates for people to use and add their own personalised wording.  This ranged from a Christmas tree with presents and decorations to a reindeer and snow scene.  These were a great place for people struggling with their creativity to start and helped them focus on the functions and layout of the Canva tool.   We also had a number of people feeling more confident and creative who were keen to design personalised Christmas cards based on their own ideas using either a picture of themselves or of a loved one on the front of the card.

There were some fantastic ideas and creations on the day. And everyone was able to print at least one of their designs to take away with them to send to a loved one.  One of my highlight designs was a card containing a photo of a participants pet dogs with Santa hats overlaid on them.  My other highlight?  The free festive biscuits and cakes!

Alongside the Canva training there was gingerbread decorating, Christmas tree decoration creations, reef making, and t-shirt printing.  It was a great day enjoyed by all and Cosmic and the Positive People Project would like to thank everyone who attended the day and for staff involved in making it all happen.  If you’d like to find out a bit more about Canva please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team on 0330 088 3005 or via email [email protected].